Personal Mastery for Transformational Leadership

To reach the highest results and sustainability, transformational change depends on work relationships that foster empowerment and learning. But, because change requires taking on new roles and ways of thinking and relating, interpersonal tension and resistance are inevitable, ubiquitous constraints.

Leaders are faced with the difficult tasks of simultaneously managing their own reactions, standing firm on decisions, and engaging others with individual consideration. Even the most experienced leaders in the most successful organizations will face these challenges.



Meeting these challenges successfully is not primarily a matter of learning new skills, it is much more about managing the way our brains are hard-wired to respond to stress. At times, everyone can fall into reactions that inadvertently contribute to relational problems. And, this can be outside of one’s full awareness.

This program offers evidence-informed strategies to enhance self-awareness and tap into one’s own and others’ highest skills and values even in the most difficult situations. Case situations will be used to practice thinking through how to transform work relationships as everyone works toward results.

The objective is “personal mastery,” a practice of continuously learning from immediate challenges to achieve desired goals. While not easy, this practice enables more clarity, confidence, and agility in-the-moment.


  • Explain why high quality work relationships are crucial for the best results and why relational problems are so common at work. .
  • Identify unproductive reactions to stress in oneself and others in-the-moment.
  • Describe self-reflective, communication, and decision-making strategies to enhance empowerment and learning.


Neil Baker, MD, Neil Baker Consulting and Coaching