Championing Change in a Changing World

We are healthcare leaders in a world that is increasingly dynamic, fast moving and with so many complex dilemmas that there is often no “right” answer. In this lively and interactive session, Helen Bevan of the English National Health Service (NHS) will help us explore some of the latest ideas, tools and approaches from leading practitioners of large scale change around the globe.  Participants will reflect on the practical implications and opportunities for their work in a world where the balance between “old power” (positional power and authority) and “new power” (networks and social movements) is shifting.  They will also consider how to build our individual and collective capability for leading change and delivering results in this new world.





  • Appreciate trends and approaches that can help deliver change in the coming era
  • Share collective knowledge and ideas
  • Prepare to seize the opportunities that the environment for change offers
  • Take home approaches and frameworks that can help deliver change in our own context


Leading large scale change: a practical guide


Dr Helen Bevan - Chief Transformation Officer, NHS Horizons